Traditionally, wedding ceremonies were an affair for the whole family if not the entire community. Most cultures used to have wedding ceremonies for days and weeks, each day with a ritual in its itinerary. But as things become more modernized, bigger and grand, more people started going for smaller and more intimate affairs. They preferred more intimate gatherings as opposed to the big cumbersome affairs that cost too much and wasted way too much time. A grand ceremony scaled down to a manageable number of only close friends and immediate family has become the in-thing.

Below are the reasons why you should consider scaling down your 500 pax guest list to a 20 pax list.

  1. You Can Easily Trace Your Expenditure

Smaller weddings, as opposed to larger ones, have fewer expenditures attached to it. You are in a better position to know precisely what you spent and on what. The decorations, the catering or entertainment fees are easy to quantify and account for. Even hiring a wedding planner for such a small ceremony might not be necessary unless the bride and groom wish to. With a smaller wedding, you are bound to stick to your budget and even spend less. With this, the chances of you breaking your bank are quite rare. And you get to maximize each experience within your budget at no extra cost.

  • Easier To Manage And Plan

An intimate affair of only your close friends and family members is quite easy to plan. Picking up the catering team, the venue, as well as the bridal party, will not have you brainstorming for weeks. Such decisions will take you less than an hour if not minutes. And this is because the invitees are already people you know, there is no need to impress anyone but yourself. The managing of all your plans is also more relaxed, and you can even arrange them as you go about your day to day work. The time that you would have otherwise spent on narrowing down the guest list is now utilized to get several things done.

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  • Traveling Abroad Is Possible

If your dream wedding destination is Bali, then by having a small guest list, it is possible. If your finances allow, you might be able to fly all your guests out to share your dream with you. The best thing about such arrangements is that there are quite a few companies that have been started for this sole purpose. They do offer both traveling and accommodation for you and all your guests. And they see that all their needs are catered to. Such a site is The Seven Agency.

  1. You Get Better Packages

Just as the maxim goes, good things come in small packages. Well, this is very true as most wedding planning firms offer the best packages for small weddings. They do offer all-inclusive packages, photographer and makeup already included. Additionally, they also provide the widest choice of available wedding venues and locations that would effortlessly bring your dream to life. With such offers, you would be damned not to take up such an opportunity.