The big special day is just around the corner and you would want everything to be perfect. You have spent days and weeks along with your partner deciding upon the venue, the guest list and other things that would personalize your wedding. But there is one thing that you are most concerned about and that is the choice of your bridal wear. You want to look like a princess and hence all the research and discussion around your gown is justified. But have you done so for your bridesmaid? They have a very important role to play at your wedding and share the frame with you on most photographs. And they surely deserve some pampering from your side.

Talk of choosing bridesmaid dresses and it can be quite a task. Each of your bridesmaids would have their own opinions about how they dress up on your wedding day. Getting everybody along and choosing the right outfit is also a memorable part of the journey to your wedding day. Given the number of options you have in terms of colors and designs you can easily find it tougher than choosing your bridal wear! This is where we suggest you to choose dresses in the rose gold shade.  They have become very popular these days and here are five good reasons to choose them for your bridesmaids –

1.       They Look Good on Everyone – Not all your bridesmaid do not have the same skin tone nor do they have the same hair color. Some may be blonde and others brunette. That’s where arriving at a single color shade often gets tricky. With rose gold bridesmaid dresses you can put all such worries aside as they look good pretty much on everyone. Think about the last time you saw bridesmaids dressed up in rose gold and you’d recall that all of them looked elegant.

2.       They Complement Your Gown – Would you want more attention on yourself or your bridesmaid? If your bridesmaids wear bright colors they won’t complement the lighter shade of your wedding gown. Yes bright color bridesmaid dresses are popular but when it comes to your wedding album they just don’t seem to complement things especially when you are have the wedding lined up outdoors. With rose gold bridesmaid dresses you can relax as this would complement your wedding gown.

3.       Mismatch Them Without Any Worry – Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are popular and there is a good reason behind it. Every bridesmaid has a different body type. A style that lets one of your bridesmaids show her curves can look woeful on another bridesmaid. But you still want some kind of uniformity in what they wear to distinguish your bridesmaid from other guests. Here rose gold would be a great choice as this color shade complements every dress style you can think about.

4.       After Use – Bridesmaid dresses aren’t meant for a single use. You’d spend lavishly on them and your bridesmaid would like to wear it for other occasions as well. This is where compared to the traditional dress shades your bridesmaid would be able to wear it on other occasions as well. Rose gold bridesmaid dresses aren’t typecast like the grey, turquoise or maroon dresses you see all around.

We are sure you are convinced about the choice of rose gold bridesmaid dresses. It is a special shade that has gained popularity in the recent times. After all, your bridesmaids also need to look elegant on your wedding day. Surely not as much as you but definitely they must stand apart from your guests.