Oh dear, have you recently been reminded of a wedding you forgot all about? When you are caught unawares and need to get a wedding gift at short notice, it can feel overwhelmed and underprepared. However, there is really nothing to worry about. There are still plenty of options out there forelast minute wedding gifts.

Particularly as couples live together now before they get married or have already started buying things for their home before the wedding, there is more of a shift towards experiences and spoil-type gifts.

So, if you have found that you are faced with having to buy a wedding gift at extremely short notice, you should take a look at the guide to some great ideas.

Help Redecorate or Spruce Up their Bedroom or Another Room

Newlyweds often have spent a lot of money on the big day itself and their honeymoon. Because of this, they may not have the necessary funds to do important things like redecorate their bedroom or other parts of their home. A nice treat for the happy couple, especially if you know them would be to help pay for some work to be done in their home.

Put Some Money Towards Their Honeymoon

Again, if you know them well enough you may decide to put some money towards their honeymoon. If, however, things are all booked up and ready, you could make it extra special for them by investing in some special treats or them while they are at their chosen destination.

Treat the to a Fancy Meal

Give them another excuse to spend time in each other’s company by sending them off for a romantic meal. You could either pick somewhere you know they love or choose somewhere you know they have always wanted to try but have never had the chance.

They will appreciate the thought and will enjoy the extra bit of time they get to spend on their own after the big day. Often the bride and groom are bombarded in the first few days and weeks, apart from the honeymoon of course, with attention from family and friends. A romantic meal can be a welcome escape.

Book Them Some Treatments at the Local Spa

After the rush of excitement and the anxiety that comes with the big day, you could treat them to a day at the spa. Pre-arrange and book them in for time in the sauna, massages and lots of other pampering sessions.

Wedding Gift Baskets

When in doubt, appeal to their bellies or senses. If you’re really stuck for ideas and have limited time you could simply order them a lovely gift basket. There are lots of great gift baskets to choose from that will appeal to their specific tastes. If they both have a particularly sweet tooth, you could get them a gift tower full of different tasty treats, whereas if they prefer healthier eating you could get a pampering gift basket with lots of nice smellies or a fruit and nut gift.